Why Boudoir

Let’s create something beautiful, so that when you have a bad day or a bad week, you’ve got amazing photos of yourself to look back on – to remind yourself and ground yourself in how magnificent you are. 

Clients purchase prints, albums, and even 3x4ft portraits to hang in their homes. 

If you feel excited (and, okay, maybe a little scared!) by this description, then we’re meant to be! 

Please take a look around the site and galleries, and when you’re ready, reach out to book your session. Don’t forget to ask about joining my super secret Facebook group.

A Keepsake

Boudoir is kind of like playing dress up, and a session is fun way to play with sexuality, gender, and femininity in a space that’s empowering and comfortable. I view sessions as a place to co-create an artistic piece with my client, making editorial intimate portraiture that is as unique as each client themselves. 

Don’t worry, though –those super cute Pinterest poses you’ve been collecting? We can do those, too!

I work off your energy and vibe, and no two sessions will ever be the same. Each session is focused on highlighting and celebrating you, your unique body, and your rad personality. While there are a variety of poses that I direct everyone through, each one will be tailored to ensure that you are comfortable and look your personal best.  

Let's Play

Boudoir is about what YOU like and what makes YOU feel powerful. This is one of the few spaces that you can claim as only yours, and, frankly, celebrate the crap out of yourself. The studio exists as a place to to rediscover yourself, remind yourself of who you are – or expand your definition of yourself.

This is About You

When do we ever get to just enjoy ourselves? All of our lives, we are told that our beauty is for the enjoyment of “other people”. Boudoir sessions are a collaborative effort between us, so I’m going to get real and a little vulnerable about what to expect!