I believe that you are already perfect. Beautiful. Powerful. Radiant. Maybe you already know- or maybe you've forgotten.  There is no “boudoir formula” at my studio – each session uniquely captures what makes you absolutely magical. I heartily welcome whatever your idea of “sexy”  or "beautiful" is. Hint: it comes in every size, shape, and confidence level.

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You're already gorgeous exactly how you arrive to our Portland Boudoir Studio. Between our assistance with wardrobe styling and our amazing hair and makeup team, we are going to dial your beauty up to 10... you know, just in case you missed it. All you have to do is have the courage to take the first step. We take care of you the rest of the way.

Do you usually hate photos of yourself? How many times have you looked in the mirror, felt cute, then saw a photo later and thought "Are you kidding me?!"

You deserve better than that. You deserve photos that make you feel like magic. You deserve to see yourself through the eyes of a professional who is invested in proving every self-limiting, self-hating thought you've ever had about your body wrong.

My images are not the result of Photoshop. In fact, I rarely ever even touch Photoshop at all. I don't need to. I like to play with light and color (what artist doesn't?), but with my work, what you see is what you are- an absolute babe!

Send us a message if you're looking to set up your boudoir session in Portland! My team is awesome and ready to make your day.

-xoxo Suma

“I felt like an absolute goddess during my time with her and the photos definitely show it. Fantastic work, gorgeous editing, and clear and consistent communication throughout the process. I couldn’t recommend her more!” - T.

“…the right photographer, my friends, she can make literal magic happen.  And she can make it happen on your butt.” - B.

“I truly believe that every woman should get the chance to experience and channel her sexy through a Boudoir photo shoot and believe me, when you finally go for it, you want Suma!!” - K.

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