About me

Jodi Vaughn is a professional hair and makeup artist, with over a decade of experience. As a celebrity stylist, her work has been seen in outlets like Vogue, on a ton of tv shows, various stages, and in movies you have definitely heard of. A plus size and body positive badass, Jodi is experienced with all hair textures and skin types.   

About Jodi Vaughn,
Professional Stylist

Suma Jane Dark,
Boudoir Photographer

I was born and raised in a multicultural family that loved pageantry and art. I was always very interested in exploring fashion and beauty, as well as social issues and how they relate to media. I wanted to learn to create visual art that was both aesthetically pleasing, as well as actively subverting the limits of what and who society believes to be “beautiful”. To explore the full scope of these interests, I majored in Cinematography at Columbia College in Chicago. 

While I may have fallen in love with creating still images along the way, I bring my cinematic eye to every photo session. I believe in amping up the drama, crafting beautiful colors, and capturing light in ways that look like stills from film. 

When I’m not in the studio, I can be found taking long road trips  with my partner.  I’m the world’s chillest Aries, have 2 dogs and 3 chickens, and am the go-to person for vegan restaurant recommendations wherever you are. I also love to write about body positivity, ED recovery, and plus size fashion!

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