For more info on specific products, please check out our investment page.

If there’s a date you absolutely must have, please email me so we can try to accommodate that. Clients generally book their boudoir sessions a minimum of 4-8 weeks in advance.

When should I schedule?

Some clients ask for photos where they’re fully nude, and the photos are incredible! However, to be clear, I am not an erotic or soft porn photographer, and what you see on my website is a pretty accurate representation of my work. 

Still have questions? You can contact me here.

What if I want photos that are more… naughty... than what’s on your site?

I only photograph men if they’re part of a couples boudoir shoot. I know what I’m good at – and I’m just not very good at shooting men solo. It's kind of comical how bad I am at it. Truly. The good news is that we are bringing on an amazing associate photographer who will be able to rock your solo "dude-oir" session, so please feel free to inquire. 

Do you photograph men?

I use the “2 week” rule, where anything that will be gone in 2 weeks is airbrushed away. Acne, bruises, etc, will be removed, while features that make you you stay (tattoos, stretch marks, etc). When a client reviews photos from their session, my favorite part is when they realize that their stretch marks, scars, etc, aren’t imperfections at all--they’re beautiful.

If, at your review session, you’d like more retouching on a specific photo, you’ll be quoted a set price for that photo. 

How much do you edit photos?

Our boudoir studio space is in SE Portland, Oregon. Throughout the year, I also go on “Boudoir Tours” where I stop in various cities for boudoir shoots. If you’re not in Portland and you want to set up a shoot in your city, please send me a message through my contact form – and I’ll let you know when I’m in town!

I also offer “Adventure Boudoir Shoots” in scenic locations for those who feel they are their best self in nature, or who want something a little bit different. I know tons of amazing spots all within 1-2 hours of Portland (and beyond for my out of state clients). 

Where do shoots take place?

Only with your permission.  

Do you post my images online?

Do you photograph plus size or thin people or….?

All bodies are welcome! “Body positivity” is not just a buzzword for me, and I have extensive experience photographing people of all sizes. I am plus size myself. I have focused a good amount of my career on photographing plus size people, and I am *so* passionate about this work. I even regularly train other professional photographers in the art of celebrating bodies of all sizes! Also, my studio furniture has been created to support a variety of weights. 

Nope! Although albums and prints do make for absolutely stunning gifts, the only person necessary for your session is you. Many clients come in to celebrate their own achievements, newfound empowerment, or just to have a wonderful experience all for themselves.  

Do I need to have a partner to do a session?

For the best experience, I recommend that you do not bring a friend or partner. It can be hard to take photos if you feel like you have an “audience.” I do offer a +1 on a case-by-case basis, provided they are coming to cheer for you and will not in any way hinder the photoshoot process.  You are totally welcome to book a couples or friend shoot, however, for an additional $199.

Can I bring my friend or my partner?

Yes! I do the majority of my payment plans through PayPal credit, which is super quick and easy to use, and we will go over terms together both before and during your ordering session. For those who cannot utilize PayPal’s financing, I do offer in-house financing on a case-by-case basis. The majority of our clients set pre-session payment plans, and we will walk you through that option, as well!

Do you offer payment plans?

We are a trauma-informed studio. I have worked with survivors, who are looking to reclaim or reconnect with themselves through a photoshoot. I’m a survivor too, and it’s the greatest honor for me to help join people in their healing during our time together. You are safe in my studio and your needs will be heard and respected.

I think my session will bring up emotions or past traumas.
What if I cry during my session?

YES! I am a member of the queer community, and I love photographing LGBTQ people. I am gender- and body-affirming, and I love to photograph women, femme, non-binary, trans, and genderqueer people. I am also totally welcoming of poly relationship sessions- all love is welcome here!

Do you shoot LGBTQ couples  & individuals?

You don’t “have” to show any skin! Some clients do a session partially to totally nude, while others choose outfits that could be worn outside! The session is catered to your comfort level. You will never be pressured into doing any poses or looks you aren't 100% comfortable with.

How much skin do I have to show?

For your session, you’ll arrive to the studio with a clean face and dry, clean hair. You’ll have your personalized hair and makeup session with professional stylist, Jodi Vaughn. We’ll go over the looks you brought, and we’ll shoot for about an hour to an hour and a half. Each session is a celebration of you, and is an incredibly empowering experience. Every session is always full of tons of laughter, sometimes a little bit of dancing, and lots of high fives.

How does the session run?  What should I expect?

Bring a carry-on suitcase full of everything you love! You’ll receive a packing list/reminder via email before your session. I recommend bringing a few pairs of shoes, and jewelry is highly encouraged. Be sure to try on any lingerie you buy, as well as remove all tags, before coming to the studio.

The session is truly a celebration of you, so feel free to be as "extra" with your looks as your heart desires! I’ve had bakers bring bread to shoot with, artists arrive with paint brushes, etc. A few good separates (bras and underwear), bodysuits (always look amazing!), and fun things like oversized shirts, robes, and sweaters will all look perfect.

What should I bring?

Do I provide the clothing/lingerie?

While the studio does have a few robes and vintage accessories, we do not have a full size run of all pieces. I recommend that you pick 3-4 “looks” that are unique to you, that share your specific style and taste! Remember, this shoot is all about you. If you need help selecting pieces, we love to help with styling- just ask! We even have a personal stylist available if you'd like even more assistance in this department.

Good question! There are two parts to a boudoir session.

Session Fee: The session fee ($499) covers hair and makeup with our amazing editorial hair and makeup artist, Jodi Vaughn, as well as our time together in our beautifully decorated and private studio.  

Viewing and Ordering: About a week later, we’ll meet at the studio to go over your photos. You’ll choose your favorite photos and purchase the products that you absolutely love. (You can also select a payment plan, which allows you to leave with exactly what you want!) You’ll receive your order within eight weeks.

How much does a boudoir session cost?